Personal Passion Coaching



A Few Words About Me

Live! Love! Laugh! Learn!

Conceive ! Believe ! Achieve !

There is nothing you can’t accomplish if you commit to achieving it, if you are willing to take massive action, if you are present and aware of what is working or not, find a way over, around or through, and you never give up along the way!

About Karen Matthews:

Karen has a diverse professional background in retail management, quality management, teaching mentoring, and training. She has a degree in BA and BSC. She is an award winning Toastmaster with a passion for mentoring others.

Karen is a certified Passion Test™ facilitator, personally trained by the New York times best selling authors of The Passion Test, Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood. She is also a facilitator of The Happiness Generator™, The Love Course™ (Marci Shimoff) and The Leadership Challenge™ (Kouzes &. Posner).

She is a dynamic and animated presenter who facilitates from the heart and soul. Her stories will motivate and inspire you. She will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and explore new possibilities. With wisdom, humor and unabashed honesty, she will share her own story of personal and spiritual growth and how her quest for purpose and life balance helped her find the courage to take a leap of faith and follow her passions. In a fun, safe, nurturing environment, Karen will show you a system that will help you discover your life purpose, identify your passions and create more balance in your life.  She will help you to see career and life changes as empowering opportunities for personal growth. And she will provide you with a simple practical guide on how to create more of anything you want in your life.   

In Karen’s words:

“I know so many people who feel that they are just going through the motions of life, they are unhappy and dissatisfied. And I know what that feels like - I was one of them. I had what many people would consider a pretty good life – the good job, the salary, the benefits, the annual vacation. I kept telling myself I should be grateful - yet I would go home each night with a gnawing empty feeling in my heart. I felt like there was “a hole in my soul” and that any trace of purpose, passion or empowerment was slowly trickling out. I felt like my personal and spiritual development had all but stopped and that my life was badly out of balance.  

The Passion Test helped me to clarify my life’s passions and raised the volume on the voice in my soul. It helped me to become clear on my passions and begin to live my life aligned with what was most important to me. It was time to rediscover my life purpose, to acknowledge the gifts I have been blessed with and to experience the passion and abundance that my heart and soul were crying out for. And, most of all, it was time for me to live my purpose of unconditional love and support, to share, to make a positive difference by inspiring, motivating and empowering others. It was time to find joy, happiness, peace and love in my life.

We all have our own destiny, our own life journey, and mine has led to the creation of Personal Passion  providing opportunities for personal, professional and spiritual inspiration, change and growth.”